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Expanded Trade-In Program

Expanded how?

DGSI has now expanded the program to accept not only Digitilt “Classic” inclinometer systems, but in addition, will now accept MEMS Digital Inclinometer Systems from Geokon, Inc., RST Instruments Ltd., and Sisgeo Srl. As before, we will give you up to a $3,500 trade-in credit towards a new Digitilt "AT" system. DGSI takes ownership of the used inclinometer system and you get a brand new complete Digitilt “AT” system at a fraction of the cost.

Is my system eligible?

Qualifying systems for the trade-in program include:

• DGSI "Classic" Inclinometer System

• Geokon GK-604D Digital Inclinometer System

• SISGEO S200D Digital MEMS Inclinometer System

• RST Digital MEMS Inclinometer System

Why should I care?

This program provides an inexpensive pathway to standardize your equipment inventory around the newer AT technology for those organizations that already have "Classic" equipment and would like to update. The Digitilt AT system offers the following advantages:

• Newer Technology, based around a solid-state MEMS technology

• Solid State MEMS technology is more field rugged than accelerometers

• MEMS technology will continue to evolve and economize well into the future

• Lightweight Android tablet replaces a readout box

• Future devices will interface with the same tablet eliminating field clutter

• Higher quality wheels allowing improved tracking through tight curves

• Light weight control cable allowing for easier handling and carrying

• Compact cable gate replaces the bulky pulley system and aligns cable graduations precisely at the top of the casing which eliminates the potential for offsets and placement errors

• Compatible with all three casing diameters

• The Android reader provides a high resolution screen with a touch screen interface and full internet capability

• The Bluetooth reel can provide up to 40 hours of operation from one charge

• The Digitilt reader app provides simplicity, flexibility and power.

Overall, the AT system is designed with the same quality, and greater ruggedness than the classic system. It offers ease of use and a feature rich tablet greatly simplifying field surveys.

What is included?

AT SystemDigitilt AT Inclinometer Probe

Digitilt AT Cable and Bluetooth Reel with any of our standard length cables

Samsung Tab A Android Tablet, 7-inch, 8GB, includes anti-glare screen and protective cover

Optional Items

DigiPro2 Software

Customized Backpack system - allows the AT system to be carried "hands-free" across difficult terrain

How do I get it?

Contact your local sales person or distributor and let them know you would like to receive a quote for the trade-in program. All you have to do is let us know how many Digitilt Classic systems you want to trade in.This to trade in.